We believe in giving back. Because with success comes responsibility. Our success and community success are intertwined.

All of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (CSR) are driven by our focus on three core principles; Motive, Commitment, and Impact.

  1. Motive – We believe in giving back, because with success comes responsibility. We’re part of the larger community, and we flourish together. All of our programs have specific and measurable goals, which define success.
  2. Commitment – Any company can write a check, and many do just that. For us, that’s not enough, which is why we form long-term partnerships that are founded on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision.
  3. Impact – Long-term, successful partnerships come from reaching our defined goals. Our long-term CSR includes 34 projects with 24 nonprofit institutions.

Progressive Business Publications recognizes the responsibility and the privilege of giving back to ensure the greater good. We are proud to provide support, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust & Satell Family Foundation.

  • We are an advocate of community programs.
  • We are an ally of disadvantaged children.
  • We are a thinking partner of academic institutions.
  • We are a champion of scientific research.
  • We don’t just write checks.

We form nonprofit partnerships that are founded on trust, collaboration and a shared vision. We focus on five key areas:  

  1. Children —The developmental needs of disadvantaged children to help them become constructive citizens
  2. Education —Unique educational and leadership opportunities for promising young adults so they can better serve the greater good
  3. Community & Civic —Support for institutions that make our community a more vibrant and engaging place to live
  4. Research — Focused research, in considerable areas, such as curing cancer and fostering energy independence
  5. Heritage — Our Founder’s heritage, supporting our belief that everyone should be proud of their heritage