Two of the company’s key operating philosophies are:

1) Specialization spells success.
Companies can’t be all things to all people at all times. Nor can they be good at everything. Great companies become leading edge in one area, then build on that specialized expertise. PBP has built its leadership position in the diversified information industry by specializing in quick read newsletters and online business resources targeted to positions within organizations (CFOs, sales managers, safety, environment, HR execs, etc.). Few others in the industry have pursued this niche, and none has taken it nearly as far as PBP. We believe our disciplined focus on function-specific information has been key to our extraordinary customer growth and financial success. Our newer businesses have built on our large customer list, drawn on this specialized expertise, and operate with the same disciplined focus.

This belief in specialization extends to personnel matters. In all areas of the company, from editorial to marketing to operations, PBP demands excellence from its people. So we seek out individuals who are willing to “go deep” in their given areas, who recognize that the only way to achieve excellence is to specialize, to learn more and more about a targeted focused area.

2) There is no such thing as good companies — there are only good people. Change the people and you change the company.
Management at PBP recognizes that attracting and keeping good people is the surest way to guarantee success. That’s why we’re so deeply committed to employee development at all levels.

The concept of “continuous learning” is central to PBP’s approach to employee development. Our world is changing fast, as are the skills our employees need to succeed. To keep our products competitive, we’re committed to keeping our employees the best in the field. And we recognize that achieving quality on all levels requires a life-long commitment to continuous self-improvement.