Values Driven Company

PBP’s values play a large role in defining the company.

Progressive Business Publications attributes its superior sales and customer growth and financial performance to a strong philosophy and values system. Our core beliefs help us satisfy customers as well as attract and keep outstanding people. These are the core values that drive PBP:

  1. Product quality
    Product quality really counts at Progressive Business Publications. We strive for an unrelenting pursuit of excellence as determined by our readers. Our goal is to go beyond customer satisfaction to achieve customer enthusiasm.
  2. Direction
    We constantly concentrate on what we want to accomplish. We specialize and build on what we know.
  3. Leadership
    Our future success depends on our key people working for continuous improvement with a sense of urgency, desire to learn, openness to change and willingness to take risks that are consistent with our core beliefs — and core competencies.
  4. High-performance environment
    Our management system is built on quantitative measurements and accountability so pragmatism, knowledge and fairness will dominate. We carefully avoid company politics and bureaucracy. People should support decisions they help create.
  5. Employee relations
    We work hard at treating all our employees fairly and with dignity — offering opportunities for growth based on performance. We reward performance, longevity and measurable contributions to growth.
  6. Technology
    Progressive Business Publications incorporates technology into operations whenever practical and productive.
  7. Teamwork and commitment
    In addition to individual accountability, teamwork and commitment are highly valued in recognition of our ultimate interdependence and the collegiality we value. We view conflict over ideas as healthy and encourage it within reasonable limits.
  8. Decision making
    We keep the decision-making process short in matters relating to our core business.
  9. Growth
    We seek growth that’s consistent with our capacity and core beliefs. We believe healthy companies primarily grow internally but are open to acquisitions.