Ed Satell



A principled business leader for more than sixty years, Ed Satell is recognized for his strong values and focus on the greater good.   He is Founder and CEO of Progressive Business Publications (PBP) in Malvern, PA.  A multi-division executive information and education provider, PBP serves businesses (including nearly all of the Fortune 1000), government and nonprofit organizations.  His company is well-known for a strong, supportive culture of accountability and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. He believes, models and teaches “Think we, not just me”.

During its six-decade history, Ed’s company has experienced several visionary stages and skillfully adapted to market forces, new technology and business opportunities.  Ed led the company through each of these critical stages, driving innovation, focusing on selling systems to better serve customers, and emphasizing employee training and values.



Ed established two charitable foundations to support his belief that with success comes responsibility.  The Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust are among of the most effective in the region.  He provides the business expertise and understanding of best practices greatly valued by the nonprofits supported. Ed is appreciated in the nonprofit world as a “thinking partner”. His quiet but extensive philanthropy is uniquely hands-on.

He focuses on five giving areas:

Disadvantaged Children:

Higher Education Initiatives and Developing Young People of Promise:

Community & Civic Initiatives & Institutions 

Cancer, Stem Cell & Medical Research

His Heritage



Ed believes every community has three key elements, business, government and nonprofits.  He frequently speaks on the subject, describing this mix as vital to the overall vibrancy of the region.  Businesses are the economic engine that drive success.  The government provides safety and the rule of law.  Nonprofits create the quality of life … schools, hospitals, entertainment, youth activities, social services, museums … and so much more.

Although he prefers to keep a quiet profile, organizations frequently seek to honor him for his involvement.

He has received two Honorary Doctorates, one from Gratz College and one from the Technion Institute of Technology.



Ed has been repeatedly recognized for his business success, his dedication to the greater good, and his fervent passion for building a rich civic culture in the Philadelphia region and beyond.

  • 2003: Greater Philadelphia Association of Fundraisers’ Individual Philanthropist of the Year Award
  • 2005: World Affair Council of Philadelphia’s Atlas Award
  • 2006: Temple Sholom’s Visionary of Sholom Award
  • 2007: Walnut Street Theatre’s Edmund Forrest Award
  • 2007: Gratz College Honorary Doctorate
  • 2008: Cradle of Liberty Council’s Good Scout Award
  • 2009: Caron Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year Award
  • 2010: Technion Institute’s Honorary International Fellowship Degree
  • 2011: Junior Achievement of Greater Delaware Valley’s Inaugural Inductee to the Business Hall of Fame
  • 2012: University of Connecticut School of Business Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2012: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia’s Legacy of Leadership Award
  • 2012: Philadelphia International House’s International Leadership and Vision Award
  • 2013: Executive Leaders Radio’s CEO Philanthropy Award
  • 2014: Support Center for Child Advocates’ Judge Lois Forer Award
  • 2014: National Liberty Museum’s Heroes of Liberty Award
  • 2015: Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival Leadership Award
  • 2016: Caron Foundation’s Richard J. Caron Medal
  • 2016: Technion Institute’s Honorary Doctorate Degree
  • 2018: University of Connecticut Beech Society Medal
  • 2019: Junior Achievement International Centennial Legacy of Leadership Award
  • 2020: Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce & PICC Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award


Board Service
In addition to Ed’s deep dedication to philanthropic support, he has provided his knowledge and skills to numerous organizations across the region and nationally through board service. He has served on the follow boards:

  • Cradle of Liberty Council – Boy Scouts of America
  • Coriell Institute for Medical Research
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • International House Philadelphia
  • National Liberty Museum
  • American Technion Society
  • Walnut Street Theatre
  • World Affairs Council of Philadelphia


Writings and Scholarship

Ed has written and contributed to several influential books. He wrote a comprehensive and highly regarded book on sales techniques, The Principles of Sales Excellence. He was also asked to contribute the foreword to The American National Tree, the first book for the National Constitution Center; and the final chapter for Defining New Christian-Jewish Dialogue.

Ed has received commendations from both Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, and Democratic former Governor Ed Rendell.


On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I commend you for upholding the highest standards of service, humanitarianism and philanthropy. 

Edward G. Rendell
November 2003


Through the Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust Fund, you have developed a legacy grounded in community service and scientific research.  Your contributions have enhanced the cultural beauty of our Commonwealth and promoted the richness of your Jewish faith.

Tom Corbett                      Susan Corbett
Governor                            First Lady
May 2011                                     

Ed Satell named 2009’s Humanitarian of the Year


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