Supervisors Safety Bulletin

“It helps get the point across to supervisors and the quick-read format makes it so supervisors are more likely to read it. The most useful part has been when my supervisors come to me about an article they read and ask for more information.”

Dan Koford
Safety, HR and Production Manager

About the newsletter & online resource center:

Supervisors Safety Bulletin is a fast-read publication designed to help safety managers get buy-in for the company’s safety procedures from busy frontline supervisors. The four-page newsletter provides articles that dramatize how supervisors handle real-life workplace situations in which workers’ health and safety can be at risk.

Twice a month, subscribers get “real-life” stories and “hands-on” information on how supervisors can develop and maintain safe work cultures on their shifts. Supervisors Safety Bulletin is written in an entertaining fashion – so supervisors want to read the publication and won’t just toss it aside or put it in their “should-read-someday” file.

Subscribers also get exclusive access to the Supervisors Safety Online Resource Center with features like Training Toolboxes filled to the brim with engaging training modules and quizzes to train workers on how to stay safe while also testing their safety skills, Training Jumpstarters with countless ideas to get – and keep – workers’ attention and keep everyone up to date on the latest procedures, plus pass-along safety articles and checklists to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

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People who benefit:

Safety Directors, Human Resources Managers, Risk Managers, Plant and Facility Managers, and Frontline Supervisors.

“The format is excellent. We can read it in ten minutes and get valuable and vital information that relates to our work. My supervisors asked me to get more copies.” —Roger McKnight, DC Manager, Dial Corporation

Supervisors Safety Bulletin is a great way to get our supervisors involved and always thinking safety. It opens their eyes to the seriousness of safety and they enjoy reading it.” —Ron Gannon, Health and Safety Director, Academy Roofing, Inc.

“Our supervisors say they have a better understanding of those responsibilities that they can’t delegate. The cases really make them think.” — Tad Buchanan, Safety Coordinator,Conoco, Inc.

“I have overheard managers discussing articles from SSB. It keeps safety right in front of them.” — Jason Dashney, EHS, RR Donnelley

“It stimulates conversation and makes the supervisors think, question and solve problems.” — Bob Rost, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Gla Val Co.

SSB is straight forward and easy to read. It conveys a very powerful message to our Supervisors and our employees in a short time frame.” — Jim Hauff, Operations Manager,MFS, Inc.

“Our employees really respond to the real stories in Supervisors Safety Bulletin. Each one tells the truth about what’s out there and helps our them be ready at all times.” — Steve Sasser, Safety Inspector, Southdown, Inc.

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