PBP Proudly Supporting The New Museum of The American Revolution and The Diplomacy Abroad Exhibit

PBP’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are designed to enrich the vibrancy of the regional community. The company is now proud to support Philadelphia’s newest cultural treasure, The Museum of the American Revolution.

Philadelphia has long been known as the Birthplace of Liberty, but one part of its story has been missing. Since its opening in April 2017, the stunning new Museum of the American Revolution utilizes cutting-edge technologies and innovative displays to bring the Patriots’ history to life. PBP solely sponsors a key digital story, “Diplomacy Abroad”. The Ben Franklin years in the French Court were a pivotal piece of the success of the American Revolution. His ability to charm and motivate France’s leaders gave the fledgling United States the critical advantage in its fight. PBP’s employees are thrilled to be part of this magnificent new museum dedicated to educating and inspiring new generations on the importance of our hard-won heritage of Freedom.