Progressive Business Publications newsletters are relied on year after year, by tens of thousands of professionals and business leaders, including virtually all the Fortune 1000 companies,   for the latest developments, insights, and best practices to make their jobs easier.

Here’s what makes the publications unique:

  1. Need to Know Insights
     We don’t just give you the news – we tell you what it means to you. If our content doesn’t meet their expectations, we’re not meeting our commitment. Every month, editors call subscribers to ensure our newsletters are helping them do their jobs better. We also rely heavily on subscriber surveys. Customer feedback is an invaluable part of the equation. Our subscribers are our #1 focus.
  2. Fast-Read Format
    Professionals nowadays are busier than ever. Between overflowing inboxes and the need to do more with less, businesspeople have little time to stay up to date on the latest insights and best practices within their industries. PBP’s fast-read format helps professionals get the information they need in 20 minutes or less — and get on with their day. Our subscribers consistently say that our newsletters save them time and money.
  3. Actionable Content
    Information is only important when it’s actionable. That’s when information becomes knowledge that helps professionals and their companies become more effective. That’s why our editorial team carefully evaluates every article published to ensure it’s consequential and impactful. If our Editors cannot imagine what a business professional would do with the information, it doesn’t go into the newsletter.
  4. Expert Staff
    Producing 35 high-quality business-to-business newsletters twice a month, that are renewed annually by tens of thousands of business subscribers, takes a dedicated, expert editorial staff. Our editors immerse themselves in the professions they cover attending conferences, contacting recognized experts, speaking with subscribers and other practitioners, researching industry-specific publications, scouring the web and the latest books for the best information available, and then finding the reader focus in all that information.

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