Catalyst Media

Catalyst Media helps organizations increase sales and revenue through digital advertising, lead generation and email marketing campaigns. With 1.6 million e-newsletter readers across 14 websites, Catalyst Media reaches the top decision makers in today’s most vibrant sectors – from IT, HR, Finance and Safety to Sales & Marketing, Health Care and Education. With over 20 years of newsletter publishing experience, Catalyst Media has grown to become a trusted source for industry decision makers and advertising professionals.

Our lead generation campaigns generate highly qualified prospects for sales teams to increase conversion rates and close more deals for increased business. This reduces your company’s risk and time by spending your advertising dollars only on leads matching your profile. Catalyst Media will give you scalable results so you know that we are increasing your business. Our appointment setting campaigns are manually checked for quality and generate opportunities while shortening the sales cycle. This saves business executives time and cuts down risk of unnecessary spending.

Our targeted email blasts give you customizable immediate action with measurable results of the vast database of high level decision makers you will reach. Our display advertising campaign puts your ads on trusted and engaging sites which will drive clicks back to yours. Catalyst Media’s professional experience and measurable results will increase your advertising presence and business.

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