ManageElite provides affordable, real-world, online management training to help managers improve organizational performance and compliance. Experienced editors combined with subject-matter experts with sound instructional design and rapid e-learning tools, ManageElite allows you to deliver more effective training, to more managers, in a shorter period of time, and at less cost. To accomplish this, we’ve developed interactive training content through research that pulls from a countless collection of authoritative sources, anecdotes and the business expertise of real practitioners gained through various interactions. The material is transcribed into scripts that are produced into Flash presentations, real-world scenarios and quizzes, as well as job aids and helpful guides, done by our experienced, in-house editorial staff that has covered and reported on a given area for upwards of 15 years.

ManageElite is different than most online training programs because it does not simply dump information on you by disseminating as many rules or practices as possible. ManageElite bridges the gap between training and on-the-job performance with interactive real world scenarios. These force managers to actively think and make decisions that would happen on the job. It also focuses on training topics in short bursts that address only the toughest management challenges. It does all of this while engaging managers and keeping their interest. Our goal is to help managers perform at a higher level. Motivate better, lead better and get more done through people. Organizations will be more productive, efficient and profitable. No per user fees, fresh monthly content and on-demand availability – managers can complete training at anytime, anywhere, and as often as they need, it’s like having a fleet of engaging management and HR trainers on retainer – without the prohibitive cost.

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Customer Feedback

“ManageElite provides the perfect product. It is simple to roll out to a large group of managers and provides them with the ease of participating at their own pace. It is extremely cost effective.”
-Denise Ritchie
Corporate Director, Spinnaker Resorts, Inc.

“The ManageElite modules provide thoughtful, informative training that is relevant to today’smanagers.”
-Jennifer Wade
Accounting Manager, Nor-Ral, Inc.

“ManageElite not only brings fresh observations, current laws and news, but also — if you are open minded —  causes one to take pause. It helps you take a good look in the mirror and helps you identify your own weaknesses and how we, as managers and executives, can become stronger in the issues and weaknesses we face.”
-Deborah Peschel
Human Resources, Busch Distributors, Inc. – Pullman, WA

“Every managerial style can be improved. ManageElite provides you with the tips to do that.”
-Derek Blackshare
 CEO/President, Blackshare Environmental Solutions

“The presentations are great;I really loved their willingness to work with me to get the info I needed to run a workshop.”
-Susan Tolle
Senior Vice President  Talent, The TharpeRobbins Company