Traditions lunch with Ed Satell

One of the many great things about working at PBP is the inclusive and engaging environment.

PBP employees have the opportunity to attend shows at Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theatre, mentor Cook-Wissahickon students, participate in the Annual Family Picnic, and more.

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Interns learned about PBP’s history from its Founder and CEO, Ed Satell. (From l-r): Chris, Kal, Emily, Ashley, Julia, Meredith, Ed, and Alex.

One of the best opportunities new hires have is an experience called Traditions.

Traditions is a several-week-long orientation program in which new employees get to know one another, explore their own  individual strengths and how to enhance them, learn about the history of the company, and meet with top PBP employees and leaders.

PBP’s summer interns partake in the same company activities as full-time employees, including Traditions.  During a recent Traditions, the interns had a lunchtime Q&A with Ed Satell, PBP’s Founder and CEO.

Ed encouraged the interns to “create their own realities,” much the way he did when he started PBP.  Ed explained his own professional journey and how PBP came to be what it is today. The interns had the opportunity to ask questions about the company and general advice for young people starting out.

By telling his own story, Ed made the interns feel as though they could also turn their dreams into realities.  It is truly a wonderful feeling to work for a company in which everyone, from interns all the way up to the CEO, are made to feel like integral parts of the organization.

Traditions is just one of many important events that make PBP such a great place to work.