Executive VP Jim Brown retires as “MVP” of PBP

PBP celebrated Executive Vice President of Operations Jim Brown’s retirement on August 8th with a baseball-themed picnic in honor of their “most valuable player.”

Jim retire 2Hosted at PBP headquarters, the entire corporate office was invited to take part in the catered event under tents and at picnic tables.

Guest speakers from Jim’s long career shared their fondest memories with him, dating all the way back to PBP’s origins.

Jim was recognized for his commitment to PBP since its humble beginnings by working late hours on the weekends, trekking through snow storms to work, and holding together the office after a devastating fire.

Jim’s family was recognized as well for their support over the many years as he worked late at the kitchen table. Pictures were passed around from Jim’s early days when he would play basketball with employees and lead the annual incentive trip to Bermuda.

Old and new employees shared their time with Jim, looking up to him as a mentor and friend.

He was remembered for his single sheet of paper he would carry through the halls and into meetings, having all the concise information he needed to get down to business. His management practices have left a lasting impression among employees, and are integral to the everyday mechanics of the company.

The event was celebratory, but left many attendees sorrowful since he was leaving the company he influenced so deeply. Jim reassured that he would keep in touch with PBP, but it was time to move on to the next stage of his life.

As a gift on behalf of PBP, Founder & CEO Ed Satell presented a stunning, custom-made clock engraved with the inscription:

Respected Leader
Beloved Coach
Valued Friend
James Brown
Executive Vice President

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